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i'm korean girl...

i'm studying english slang ..can you tell me any eng slang? such as hit the sack or something... a few days ago i asked to yankee.. he said can you narrow your question down? ...

it's okay anything will be fine.... tell me.... your favorite eng slang ... kkk i want to know my slang ...

if i use slang .... people think that's funny or weird?

plz answer :)

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English is a very broad language and many english speaking countries have their own slang.

I am an Aussie so I will give you some of mine.

Aussie ....Australian.

peanut/ drongo/dill...an idiot

Wacko the diddle-o ...excellent

Struth...unbelievable ( Hey dad Im pregnant! ......................Struuuuuuuuth!

stone the crows... damn ( no rain again stone the bloody crows!)

tell a furphy...tell a lie ( this bloke tells furphies..he is a liar)

dead horse...tomato sauce

dunny...toilet ( also called the shitter or bog)

dogs eye...meat pie.( a national food of meat covered in pastry)

frosty / coldie...a beer

eskie...chiller box ( put all the coldies in the eskie)

bugger...thats dissapointing ( Bugger ! i fell over)

Budgie smugglers....mens swim trunks ( usually the speedo brand )

watering hole...local public bar.( where people go for a coldie)

boomer ...kangeroo.( Big kangeroos that will fight a man if cotnered)

drop bears...koalas ( called that because they fall out of trees at night)

step on a duck ...fart ( Like who stepped on the duck?)

Bloke...an Australian male

Sheila...An Australian female

ruggies...Australian children

**** a brick....amazing

have a blue....argue ( me and me shiela had a blue!)

Temporary Australian....a motorcycle rider.

Rev head/ petrol head...someone who likes cars.

Blinder...a big night out

mate...an affectation

Laugh at the carpet/ technicolour yawn/spew....be sick

There are so many that i could go on for ages

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You asked for English slang and because you asked at the time you did, only West Coast Americans and Antipodeans were around to answer you. Here is a link for English slang. http://www.world-english.org/slang_world.htm

There is even a dictionary of English slang at http://www.peevish.co.uk/slang/

Note the advice on the first link that slang is for advanced learners of English. I would like to add some advice of my own. Slang becomes outdated very quickly. Learning it is an ongoing process!

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'Hit the sack' means, to go to bed

'Narrow your question down' means, can you be more specific?

Some other (British) slang (in no particuar order):

tele or telly: television

road hog: careless driver

anorak: train spotter

cop the needle: get angry or upset about something

arrest junkie: protester who appears to enjoy getting into trouble with the police

spondooliks, readies, folding stuff, beer tokens: money

snaps: photographs

geek: someone who knows a lot about computers

bookworm: someone who reads a lot

swot: mildly derogatory term for someone who does well at school

booze: alcoholic drink

mogg or moggie: crossbred (non-pedigree) cat, also nickname for Morris Minor car

spud: potato

DJ: short for disk jockey

clock the ton: drive at 100mph

scandal rag: tabloid newspaper

soap: soap opera

Just a few off the top of my head. A good way to pick up slang is to watch English TV dramas, films etc. or talk to native English speakers.

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Wack- bad

Sick- good

ill=very good

What is--how are you?



dope- great


over that noise-showing disdain

over it- finished

rolled on-pulled over by a cop

swapmeet- cheap


hollah--say hello

What's up?--what are you up to

What's crackin?-- what's going on?

oh snap!- explitive

snaps on gas- money for gasoline

On the d.L(down low)-secretely

On the real- is it true

Fo' Sho'-for sure

Here's some slang from California

Im fascinated by slang too. I study slang and etymologies from america and england.

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Oh, there are soooo many. I hardly use proper English at all.

Online dictionaries will often give you only the swear words, which of course are good to know, but generally are not nearly as interesting as the really creative stuff.

Here are some American slang expressions.

Oh, for crying in the mud. (A variation of "for crying out loud.")

For corn's sake. (both bemused exclamations, said with a Minnesotan accent)

Son of a buckeye! (instead of son of a b*tch -- a rude exclamation)

Peace out, girl scout. (a farewell)

What up? (a greeting)

Dude (all purpose greeting, farewell, exclamation, question)

Kelly Clarkson! (exclamation said while in pain)

snooze (to sleep)

my peeps (my friends or family, my people)

rug rats, ankle biters, carpet monkeys (small children)

pooch (a dog)

dog (an ugly person or a low performing stock or company)

dirtbag, sleazoid, scumbag (a person of low character)

rockin' out (really enjoying music, often including singing and/or playing air guitar, and sometimes in a car at a traffic light)

chill out (relax)

SMIH (see me in hell. Something you say to or about someone who really annoys you, as in "The American news media can see me in hell." When writing, "I am having such a bad day at work. I'm about to tell my boss she can SMIH.")

-aholic (suffix that can be added to almost anything, as in chocoholic, workaholic, sexaholic, shopaholic. From the word "alcoholic," because isn't that just a fantastic thing to base your language around?)

OK, it's 4 a.m. here. That's the extent of my brain power. Good luck!

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If you use slang it will be funny and cute and it will warm everyone up! Your motivation to learn is admirable.

"slamming drinks" means drinking fast

...umm, i'll come back if i think of more

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SInce you barely have a graps of english, I think you are going to sound ridiculous trying to use any American English Slang, but if you must, do whatever floats your boat.

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