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I arrived home Wednesday to two very confused daughters (17 &13). My husband's step sister had chosen to come over rto my home while I was gone to the doctor and tell them to rely to me that I was no longer welcome ion her premisese, granted she lives on our property rent free. Anyway, me being the Mama bear I am confronted her on her issue. She said she was missing a roll of quarters and her some of her son's adderall was missing. She accused me out of the blue. Granted, I have never stolen a thing in my life. Needless to say I was abit irate. My problem is that my husband refuses to defend me for the sake of problems of causing problems in the family. I am beside myself. What do I do?

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Is your husband daft? There is already a problem she has falsley accused you of something you haven't done & banned you from her premises, if your husband believes you which he should as all husbands would support their wife then tell him you are furious & if he refuses to defend you then that is also saying he refuses to defend his own wife which is a disgrace & also proves he is not honouring his vows, if she lives on your property rent free kick her the hell out right now without your husbands permission & tell her if she is not out within 2 weeks you will call the police, how dare your husband not support his own wife in a situation such as this I would be so angry that if it were my husband I would tell him that if he doesn't defend me in this then he is choosing her over his own wife & family & because of this I want a divorce because it proves he doesn't care about me at all. Tell him defend me when you know I'm innocent or I want a divorce over this because your letting her cause problems in our relationship & so in the future if something like this happens again your willing to tear our family apart over it & I won't live like this. It's your house to not just his property so tell him you will not allow his family to destroy yours & you'll sell the house & give him his share & that will be it. I bet just with this threat if you show your serious he will defend you as he should anyway! Good luck.

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I'd tell the B**** to file a report on you with the police if she's so gung-ho certain you stole random crap from her - offer to call the cops FOR her and remind her to have her evidence ready to hand over ----- unless of course she wants to just sit there and run her mouth with no good reason to, come into your home and scare your children with her false accusations, and act like she's completely lost her mind - in which case she may pack her crap and move off your property immediately.

ETA: And then tell your husband that he could have avoided "problems in the family" if he had done what he is supposed to do as a father, husband and head of house hold and backed his crazy-*** sister down, so this is what they ALL get!

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