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I went ove to my friends house the other day and i heard about all the crazy, fun and ridiculous things that she gets up to with her friends. When i heard about some of the things i couldn't help but think that i wasn't taking enough initiative as a teenager. I am pretty cautious person, considerate and responsible,and i don't want to change that.

It's just that while i am a huge fan of hanging out, i always wonder if i am boring my friends. If they don't find me fun and exciting, but more like a middle aged woman. And if they see me as arogant and annoying.

It also links to the you only live once or sieze the day termonology. I feel comfortable at my current pace, but i wonder if i am not siezing my life. Watching movies etc when i could be doing other things, making stories for myself (more of them). It's not like i spend every waking moment by myself, i do lots of things with friends, it's just that, sometimes, i don't feel i have the courage to take being a teenager by the horns. If that makes sense.

Example: at a party a friend of mine went to, they played spin the bottle and two guys kissed.

The furthest i've gotten is a kiss on a cheak by a friend during a dare, whom i then didn't talk to for awhile and he thought that i was feeling akward when really, i was hiding my smile

(i wasn't sure where to put this, but i thought that where you found it was probably fitting in some way)

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You should never feel pressured to do that kind of thing just because you think everyone else is doing it. Just do what feels natural for you. If you try too hard to "keep up" with your friends you're probably just going to make things more awkward and miserable for yourself anyway. Trust me, nobody worth knowing would judge you harshly just because of that.

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