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ok, I can't get this off my mind and I finally asked my ex about it. This past August, he went out of town for a weekend. He got back in on a Monday, and I saw him 2 days later. I went over there and was going to cook him dinner, but instead, we went out to eat. When I opened his fridge to put the stuff I brough over in there, there was a homemade cake that said "Boo" on it, and it had little red hearts all over the cake. His exgf used to call him "boo". I asked who the cake was from via text one afternoon, and he didn't get back to me until the next afternoon. He said it was from the girl who dogsat for him while he was away. He said "Boo" was supposed to be like boo-as in.....suprise!!

I just don't understand why a dog sittter would self make him a cake as a surprise for him when he returned. what do u think???

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That does sound very suspicious. Don't trust him. That is Definitely a lie.

But also, If he is ur 'ex', why worry about it now? He is ur 'ex' which is a perfect EXample of what you shouldn't have, cos u deserve better than him and that bullsh*t he's willing to throw around.

Hope this helps.

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You sorta are being a paranoid girlfriend, just don't worry, you'll be fine.

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your bf is cheating on you!

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