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There is a female (28-32 ish years old) in America interested in making Aliyah with her family. She is interested in a career as an IDF officer of some kind. She speaks English and Hebrew (and I believe some Russian and Arabic?!?). She is a very intelligent lady, has never served in the military before (any military for that matter). I and she know she is older then the age a female needs to be to be conscripted for service. She is still interested in serving and hopefully becoming an officer although she does not know what capacity. She does have some things on her medical profile that would likely keep her out of combat positions. She is still very interested in joining the IDF military with hopes to serve as a career officer in some capacity. She would like to know if she can become an officer after making Aliyah if she enlists for a period of time first? And does anyone have any pointers to help her reach this capacity as an officer especially given her age. Are there any skills that if she has she should highlight?

Israelis, IDF soldiers (past and present), please answer if you can help as she does not know what other profession she would like if she made Aliyah. She currently works as a secretary.


I know it IS possible for her to serve in Israel's military! After she makes Aliyah she will be an Israeli citizen; not REQUIRED to serve, but I know she can serve. I am just not sure how she can serve as an OFFICER!! I know for a fact she can enlist! So yeah, those of you who say she can't serve at all are incorrect! I know for a fact she can under aliyah! But given her age I am just not sure how she can go from enlisted to officer since her enlistment is by choice at her age, and not mandatory! That is what I need help on... How she can become an OFFICER, not simply "enlist." And her health isn't BAD, just not high enough they would put her in a combat role...

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A couple of points that are going to prohibit you from being an IDF Officer:

- too old

- must be an Israeli citizen

- medical issues that prohibit you from combat are going to prohibit you from serving

A simple visit to the IDF website would have told you all this.

EDIT: you seem to be missing some of the point. My responses are for someone who wants to be a Commissioned Officer in the IDF .... I've not said anything about simply enlisting. While it is always possible to receive a commissioning waiver, why should the IDF give you a waiver? What skills do you bring to the IDF that they do not already have in their native born citizenry? Just because you want to be an Officer does not mean you should be an Officer. You are too old to be given a line commission. Your medical issues that would prohibit you from combat are the same that will prohibit you from serving - while there are non-combatant positions in any military (usually chaplains and medical personnel), EVERYONE has to be ready to serve in combat - and believe me, the people who get killed the most are those who think they will never hear a round fired and suddenly get ambushed. Medical standards for entering the IDF (indeed, any western military) are the same across the board, no matter what you think you will be doing.

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Israel does not hate America Israel has always been our friend its the muslims in israel (and everywhere for that matter) that hate us but i dont think thats possible to get into anouther countries military. Obama is a dumbass (and the only president ever to not do so) for not supporting our allies there.

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Chances are very little firstly Israel hates America (the people of Israel not the country leaders) and the Army is mostly conscripted

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yes foreigners can join the idf, there is a unit called mahal unit

for more information go to http://www.mahal-idf-volunteers.org/

for everything else there is google

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