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yea im only 15 and i go wit this boi who is 17, he really loves me and i really love him and we've been going out since i was around 13. ummm.... well we are like REALLY serious and he wants me to hold him down and MARRY HIM!!and all this other stuff and i really love him but i dont kno if im ready for all of this just yet!! i mean he's real sweet and all but im not even in 11th grade yet!!! and he's a SENIOR!!! i dont wanna break up with him, i just wish i were older!!! he wants me to come meet his mama in denver when he goes for christmas, but i dont kno!!!! WAT SHOULD I DO!!

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girl you better stick with him do you know how hard it is to get a good man now in days girl if i was in you shoes i would stick with him but it is to young just to him that your nt ready for that yet. But would still like to be he's girl just wait for you on till you finish skool

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