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I just got back from a track meet.hoping to stay with my gf for the night. I call her and she tells me she was at a hooka bar with a best friend and 3 other dudes!! I was pissed, so I said I'm not coming over. She felt bad and said sorry and I said its alright. Idk what to think of this. I trust her but that was a little weird I though. Should I just let it go cause I don't want this to ruin the weekend :/

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You just have to trust her, I mean doing hooka isnt bad? Maybe she was peer pressured by her friend. Don't turn this into a confrontation, because it shouldn't be unless your making assumptions and do not make assumptions it just ruins everything. It seems like she felt bad and her apology should mean something to you. It seems like you dont want to ruin the weekend so take this opportunity and strengthen the relationship between you and your girlfriend. If its really bothering you talk to her let her know how you feel and be honest.

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