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Ive just started a job at KFC, im 15. Theres a ton of guys there, and they all seem really nice. They all pay me heaps of attention. But its almost too much.

Whenever i walk in wearing my own clothes guys whistle and make comments about my body/ what im wearing. I can always feel them staring at me.

Every time i go in people are always calling out my name and whispering about me etc. Some of the girls there dont like me because all the guys are acting like this. Even though i try extra hard to be nice to them. The guys are always saying "So and so likes you!". And the other day they had a fight. Like physical.

Its getting a bit annoying. I mean a bit of attention is nice, but its so over the top all the time! What should i do? ?Thankyou so much!! :)

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I always like it when guys check out my body and are turned on by it or pay me compliments. feels good. :) they don't sound like they're doing anything hurtful - just being guys. maybe if you just embraced the attention and relax, you'll have more fun at work!

good luck

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You could try talking to the guys about this and explaining that you are flattered but that all the attention is too much for you. Good Luck x

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Are they hiring?

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