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Where can i see laws regarding pets in Malaysia ( website ) ?

or just list some of them. I want to move to Malaysia and (be happy and) have a pet monkey. Not an actual large monkey, but a tamarin.

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You are proposing to bring an endangered South American wild animal to Malaysia just so that you can have an interesting pet!? Come on, please have a heart! This will be nothing but misery for an intensely social animal that should be climbing and leaping through the vast rainforests of its natural habitat. Please think about what is right for a monkey - to live the wild life it has evolved to live. DOn't be cruel and selfish!

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i've got considered comments that there is a prohibition against touching a pig, so as which you would be able to placed on gloves with a soccer. although if, i assume this is in simple terms for the particularly non secular who use policies of an rather huge wall around Torah. with the help of that I advise people who interpret milk & meat separateness to contain the nth degree of separation inclusive of preserving 2 dishwashers... And persist with the clothing textile commandments (which i don't comprehend) So, until you're in that classification, i could think of it rather is positive. although if, i'm not a Rabbi & have not got specific information. Pigs are meant to make great pets and be extremely sensible. i've got common some those with one over the years.

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Check with their embassy website but I bet you would have a hard time having a pet pig in an Islamic nation. The last time I was there, everyone hated everyone. I hope that has changed because you could feel the tension in the air. It was not a friendly place.


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