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OK, no sex jokes please, I'm serious.

I am thinking of inviting THE MAN OF MY DREAMS (from Italy) to visit me in the US. WE HAVE NEVER EVEN HAD ONE DATE!!! I have never even spent one full hour with him!!! And now I will be in a hotel with him for a full week! I am nervous!! How can I keep him entertained?? I don't want him to get bored!!!! I want to get a hotel on the ocean and we can go to the beach but what else can we do??? I want to give him THE TIME OF HIS LIFE. What are some fun things we can do?? (Please don't say anything like museums, etc, he's not that type...) HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(We are in our 30s. He says he has NEVER been on vacation before (due to lack of money).) I need some romantic, exciting, fun things....

Thank you!!! :)


ha ha ha... he deleted it...

Update 3:

Yeah! I was thinking about skydiving. Or if either of us is too scared to do it, going in a hot air balloon. I want once-in-a-lifetime exciting things, also just fun, normal things, a mix...

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Depending on which coast your both on, go look at the lakes and river parks around the areas! In Oregon, they(Coos Bay area, Douglas county also) have some of the nicest and fairly romantic parks with VERY nice waterfalls and little spots to just sit and relax and watch the scenery! On the coast you can do what's called "wind surfing" where you put on a harness and a life vest and stunt board and literally pull yourself along with a kite! Trust the voice of experience when I tell you that only skydiving compares to being able to jump off the water by about twenty or more feet all with a kite!

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When you say he's never been on vacation, do you mean to the US or anywhere? 99.99% of Italians start going on vacation with their friends when they are in their teens.

Take him to the beach and do water sports together. Practically ever Italian I know loves to spend hours at the beach.

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Make him a plate of spaghetti,then do the "naughty"

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take him to olive garden and disney world

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